Posing Expression Guide

Body Language

  • Stand relaxed with shoulders back and core engaged. Imagine a gentle pull lengthening your spine.

  • Relaxed Arms at your sides or gently on your hip for a confident air.

  • Try crossing your arms

  • Hands in front waist, one on top of the other.

Pro Tip:

  • Subtle movements are your friend. Experimenting with different angles could enhance a whole photo.

Practical suggestions

Is there a best side?

When it comes to determining your best side for headshot photography, it's a subjective process that varies for each individual. By exploring a few angles during the session, we aim to find your optimal side that captures your unique features and personality. Communicate your preferences with your photographer and experiment with different angles and expressions to discover the angle that truly showcases your confidence and authenticity. Embrace your uniqueness, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding your best side for headshot photography.

Making Connections

  • Smile: A genuine smile is key. Let your personality shine!

  • Eyes on the Prize: Make eye contact with the camera to create a connection with the viewer.