Web Building and Design Service

We deliver our services with full range of consulting, strategy, creative direction, and optimization.

Entry Package

1 Page Scrolling up to 7 Sections

Mobile Responsive

Content upload

Social Media Icons

Hosting Setup

1 Revision

Starting at $980

Premium Package

Up to 8 Premium Pages

Bespoke Responsive Design

Opt-in Form

Hosting Setup

Social Media Icons

Content Upload


Speed Optimization

Auto-Respond Integration

Back-end maintenance up to six months

Starting at $4400

Essentials Package

Up to 5 Essential Pages

4 Plugin/Extensions

Content Upload

Bespoke Responsive Design

Opt-in Form

Hosting Setup

2 Revisions

Starting at $2600
Hosting Service Recommendation:


Single Web Hosting Setup

$2/month for 48 Months (4 Years) Renews at 3.99/month after 4 years

$96 pre-paid for first 4 years

$2.29/month for 24 Months (2 Years) Renews at 4.99/month after 2 years

$55 pre-paid for first 2 years

Web Maintenance Options

Pay-as-you-go site maintenance is when you pay for the updates and monitoring that you want, as you use it. Though this may be right for very small websites, it isn’t usually the best option because it’s hard to budget for your needs. It also means you have to be proactive about requesting the website maintenance and updates that you want.

Retainer Hours

Retainer hours means that you pay for a certain number of developer hours per month and can use them freely as you wish. For example, if you pay for 10 retainer hours per month, you can make use of this time to ask for user experience optimization, or request certain SEO updates. Once you’re out of hours, you’ll have to pay additional fees for more work.

Monthly Plans

Monthly website maintenance plans or packages involve a defined set of tasks that should be performed every month. Often these plans offer the most holistic approach to your maintenance needs, as developers will complete a checklist of tasks without your prompting. Monthly website maintenance packages may even have different tiers available, so you can choose the level of site maintenance that your business needs.

Website maintenance plans include the following tasks:

Updating plugins (if any have not automatically updated)

Gallery or form updates

Adding, changing or removing text and images provided by the client

Adding any new videos provided by the client

Resizing of images

Adding, changing or removing of links

Fixing broken links and error pages

Changing colors or layout to current pages

Adding or removing pages

Adding or removing menus

Updating keywords, titles or descriptions (if needed)